10X logging throughput with 50% lower TCO

Hyper-accelerated Ingestion   |    Rapid Retrieval    |    Unlimited Storage

Hyper-accelerated Ingestion 

Rapid Retrieval 

Unlimited Storage

Businesses with high log volumes turn to Episilia to monitor their realtime, historic, production and non-production logs centrally, without breaking the bank.When you move from ElasticSearch or Java based logging platforms with an average log volume of just a TB/month, you can save up to

50% Faster

Log Retrieval 

3X Faster


70% Lower

Logging Infrastructure Investments

75% Lower

Storage Costs

How Episilia Delivers Value

Ingest @ 20 MBps/core for real time observability while saving up to 70% on logging infrastructure

While most of the traditional logging solutions are built on the resource hungry JVM, Lucene and Elastic search, Episilia leverages SIMD instructions to take advantage of higher throughput offered by modern processors. You don’t have to increase your investment heavily in nodes as your business grows


Index with C++ and improve retrieval times up to 50%. Index Yet save up to 75% on local storage

Popular logging solutions suffer from frequent re-indexing with index sizes of a whopping 50% of data size. Episilia  is built with a fresh index in C++ enabling index sizes of 0.5% of data, offering rapid retrieval and availability even at full load. Episilia automatically segregates hot and cold data between SSD and cloud to reduce local storage costs

Decouple storage and Compute. Minimize your log retention and compliance costs

Compute is separated from storage.  Data is always compressed. With up to 50% – 70% savings on both compute and storage investments, you can log as much as you need and store as much as your regulator mandates you to.

REGEX querying-04

Leverage the power of REGEX querying without big compute investments

Unlike with some popular logging platforms, REGEX querying with Episilia doesn’t load the compute layer with complex REGEX querying.

Monitor sensitive log data without loading DevOps bandwidth

Episilia eliminates the need for resource-intensive querying for sensitive log data leaks. Pre-configured alerts automatically flag sensitive data in logs to identified roles in the organization


Choose your low touch, secure deployment. On premise, in the cloud you name it !

Episilia can be hosted  in your cloud account or datacenter or in an Episilia cloud instance. The deployment can be managed by your team or ours. However you choose to deploy and manage, the log data is secure with no incoming API calls into your cluster unlike some of the popular logging solutions.


Built completely in C++,
leveraging SIMD

Index size at 0.5% of data size

10X log line level compression for optimised storage and faster response

Tuned for AVX processors

3-level smart cache

Strong Ingestion Throughput-01
20 MBps/Core Ingestion

1TB/day, 5 concurrent users with quad-core, 2 GB RAM

5 TB/day, 20 concurrent users with hexa-core, 4 GB RAM

Search server at constant CPU and memory

Storage and Compute

Log data stored in S3.

No online data store

Logs compressed to optimize storage

Real time access of historical searches

Intuitive UI.
No Learning Curve

Inspired by Kibana

Integrates with Grafana Loki

Ul enabled REGEX querying

Compatible open data formats

REGEX Querying and
Auto Detection

Auto-detect sensitive logs with pre-configured REGEX queries

Auto-alert data leaks in logs

Flagged to designated stakeholders

Array of Deployment

Self hosted and managed

Managed services- your cloud account managed by Episilia

SaaS- Stored in Episilia’s or your cloud account, managed by Episilia


Episilia offers a wide array of deployment choices whether you need it on-premise or on a cloud instance of your choice.

Deployment BenefitsWho its for
Self Hosted: In your own cloud account or data centre, managed by youComplete control over data residency and compliance Regulated business environment with stringent data residency needs
Managed service: Episilia managed service in your cloud and storage White glove setup with data residency controlRegulated business environment that needs to minimize log management bandwidth
SaaS: Epsilia managed Turnkey experience at optimized costFast paced business that needs a turnkey logging experience
SaaS: Episilia managed, with data in your storage accountStorage flexibility with optimized costBusiness looking to balance log management spend while having control over data


Architectural choices tailor made, ground-up, for terabyte-scale and efficiency.

Stateless and reliable

The indexer, search server and the gateway are stateless and independent – enabling low failure rates and high availability.

Scalable and tailored

Each of the servers is individually scalable, irrespective of the other. Your Episilia instance is tailored to your individual business needs.

Decoupled compute and storage

Epsilia’s architecture eliminates the need for an online data store. All logs are indexed and stored in S3. Log data is served by search queries

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